About You

You have made it to the top.
You are enjoying your success.

But still, something is missing. Weighed down by obligations, expectations of others, determined by responsibilities, and limited by the requirements of your function – in your professional life just as much as in your personal life. You might want a person at your side in whom you can trust, and with whom you can talk at eye level.

If you are part of the top management, ready to question yourself, and willing to rethink the concept of your personal life, your next move could be to contact Executive Life Design.

Susanne Boëthius, Dipl. Analytical Psychologist, C.G. Jung Institute, will be at your side in Executive Life Design talks in accordance with your personal objectives. You will discuss the topics most important to you, and define your options for improvement.

The Life Design modules are generally implemented in face-to-face sessions, with additional possibilities to communicate via email, Skype, or telephone.

Possible private or business related topics:

  • Personal development
  • Work-life balance
  • Stress Management

Life Design

Is your personal concept of your own life purposeful, balanced, inspiring, and positive? Does your current life situation match up to your expectations?

Susanne Boëthius – Executive Life Design will accompany you as you take the next step towards more purpose in life and a higher degree of personal satisfaction. By means of talks, in-depth discussions, looking at different perspectives, and options for change. Custom-made and geared to your individual needs, as often and whenever you wish. So that your professional life, family, friends, leisure time, and health will be in balance as a whole.

About Me

Susanne Boëthius

Dipl. Analytical Psychologist, C.G. Jung Institute, Küsnacht
Business Management Certificate NbW Zurich

  • 24 years in private practice

    for analytical psychology, short-term/crisis intervention, trauma therapy, EMDR, counseling, coaching, communication, conflict management, management consulting, couple therapy, intercultural/expat topics, etc.

  • 12 years as Clinical Services Director

    ICAS Switzerland, Wallisellen. Responsible for operations and training spanning five countries.

  • Several international assignments

    providing support after incidents/accidents and cross cultural assessments and training.

  • Languages

    Life Design sessions can be conducted in English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French

  • Personal interests

    Art, painting, interior decoration, traveling, music, cars, sport (ski, golf, pilates, dancing)


The discussions and cooperation with Susanne over the years have meant a lot to me, privately as well as business wise, as investor and board member. Her ability to understand the connection between private issues and business performance is outstanding. I have learned to understand and handle the interaction between rational and emotional reactions. Her flexibility in meeting in person, telephone wise or via Skype make it possible to interact also with a hectic schedule.

Board Member & InvestorAnonymous

A couple of years ago, an event deeply affected my personal life. It eventually impacted on my physical and mental health, as well as my professional life. I work as a senior manager in the financial sector, and I am constantly under pressure to perform. Very rapidly, the situation became no longer sustainable therefore, I reached out to Susanne for help. With Susanne I found support and guidance for different aspects of my life. With her extensive experience, she offered a new perspective on the issues I have been struggling with. Ultimately I was able to find my balance, make better decisions and become a better leader at work.

Senior Manager in FinanceAnonymous


If you would like to get in touch and know more about my services, please fill out the following form. Due to the imperative discretion surrounding my work your credentials will be handled with the utmost care.


Susanne Boëthius
Arosatrasse 1
CH-8008 Zürich

+41 79 667 81 47

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